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Have you thought about using cool ecobags, that are beautiful for any place and time, and also make a difference to the environment? This is why LONO created the Jute Bags, aiming to decrease the consumption of plastic bags in the world, as well as to inform and educate people about this subject matter.


And do you know why we do this?

“In Brazil, most part of marine litter found in the coats is plastic. Over the last decades, the consumption of seafood increased almost in 200%.” 

That is, we are also consuming plastic. And we believe that if everyone does their part, we can help the planet and ourselves.


But what does LONO mean?

LONO = FREE in Hawaiian

As we are fighting for a world free of plastic.


Why do we use jute?

This vegetable textile fiber is one of the main business activities for riverine people from Amazon Region. Whenever a product made of jute loses its use and it is discarded, this product  fully disintegrates in less than a year, leaving no waste or damage to the environment.

INSTA LONO 1-09.jpg


Creativity and sustainability always go together. This is why these three girls from Curitiba developed a product that creates little impact to the environment, and it is closer to the client, with customization of bags and a greater identity to the product.

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